The importance of creativity for the future

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The future of creativity

“With the creative industries named as a priority sector in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, it seems policymakers might be waking up to the importance of creativity for the future.” –

For many children, teachers, parents and educators at all levels of society we have a very interesting situation that we are preparing the next generation to work in a world for which we don’t know what kind of work or skills will be needed. Technology, innovation, extreme global concerns all create a picture of the future that is exciting, potentially scary, and most probably different to what we understand and expect of the job market now.

The robots are coming!

Many people are looking to ‘creativity’ as being a skill that will become of increasing importance as many of the jobs (some predictions state 80% of the current job market!) become obsolete as they become automated. What is it that cannot be done by computers? Creativity.

In my opinion, investing in our skills and abilities to be creative and adaptive will put us in a more advantageous position than if we assume things won’t change and that the job market as we currently know it will not change.

For this reason (and also because I love it!) I’ve put together the ‘Grammar of Creativity’ workshop. This isn’t to teach you what creativity it, this workshop is to let you see how creative you already are and how to take more control of this immensely powerful and beautiful quality that we all possess.

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