Pleasure and the 3 E’s

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Orange pleasure

After fasting for 3 days I woke up and I was very excited to break my fast with breakfast. It’s been a long time that I was this excited. No food for 3 days, only tea.


For my body and mostly for my mind. Fasting is very healthy and insightful in many ways, and one thing I reflected on this morning as I sat down with my breakfast around me was about ‘pleasure and the 3 Es’.

The first piece of food to go into my mouth was a piece of orange. The experience was so intensely pleasurable that I can only compare it to an orgasm! I laid out my breakfast with different kinds of tastes; orange, homemade black-current jam, chili sauce, black tea, coffee, eggs, bread, raisons, cranberries, hazelnut butter, tomatoes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I felt like a kid again at Christmas. The epic breakfast lasted 3 hours and I enjoyed each and every mouthful. I noticed something about pleasure and it is this.

There are 3 stages.

Break Fast
Breaking Fast

Firstly I would look at the food. This would evoke apprehension, excitement, the promise of pleasure. My attention was with what I was doing. Lets call it ENGAGEMENT.

Secondly I would taste the food. Because of the totally focused state I was in due to fasting my attention was absolutely focused, and the experience was absolutely galactic. Lets call it the EVENT.

Thirdly, and this is a really interesting point for me, was the after-taste. The result of the tasting experience. Again because of fasting, and because I wasn’t rushing to do some work or trying to text message someone at the same time, I was fully focused on the moment, and this after tasting moment was the true moment of pleasure. This was the moment when my body had shudders running up and down. Let’s call it the ECHO.

My conclusion is that to really experience Pleasure we need to have our attention focused on the whole journey of the experience. In this case it’s with tasting food and I wonder if it is the same with other sensual based experiences in life…meaning everything! Food is naturally pleasurable, but what about area’s of life we seek to avoid? Is not the ability to sustain discomfort essential for creativity, and for deeper pleasures? Also called patience. I have the question to myself of how much pleasure of life remains unnoticed and unrealized because the attention is focused elsewhere. Which is so easy in our rush-rush-run-run world. And for me, especially the last stage, of giving attention to the moment directly after the event, to experience the space, is particularly interesting. The silence after the song. The moment after the reading of an article 🙂

Pleasure = Engagement – Event –  Echo

What do you think?

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