Earth Warriors. Climate CALL OUT to ARTISTS!!!

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Activism and Art

When a system becomes unbalanced it requires real time information so it can regain balance. If the system is unaware of being unbalanced it will eventually collapse. Like riding a bike, if you think you’re balanced but actually you’re not then you’re going to fall over. Our balance of our social, economic and ecological relationships looks worryingly out of balance. And many are concerned (terrified) of economic and environmental collapse, if we don’t do some emergency re-balancing actions.

Essential for this system transformation is the awareness of being unbalanced. i.e that we’re in f**king danger!!!

This is my CALL OUT to ARTISTS!!!

This essential part of the information chain, is not only about information it’s about understanding and that means emotions as well. We need to connect to the situation, the meanings, the consequences. To really feel it at an experiential level.

This is our role, this is something we can do. Science gives the info, policy makers do everything to do nothing, and we need to help wake up the hearts of people to what’s going on. If enough people realize, policy makers will have to follow. It’s happening already and we have to all work together in whichever way we can

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