Songs. They are my teachers and help keep me sane in this insane world. NEW ALBUM COMING!!!

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I’m writing a new album! I went to do some recording with my long-term friend and musical collaborator ‘Phil Clarke’, just outside London. We set up the microphones up in his home studio and for each song we asked questions about where it came from, what does it mean, what could it mean etc… Often […]

You ran off with the Circus ?!?!

Circus Tent

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Yes. It’s true I was cycling in London when I had the phone call. An that time I was cycling a lot in London, on average spending about 2 hours a day on my bike. Rushing between rehearsals and giving different guitar lessons mostly. It was winter. and I remember that it was very cold […]

Why would anyone want to be a songwriter?


So You’re a songwriter. Tell me about it, what’s it all about for you, what’s your attraction to songwriting?   Well it’s a good question, it’s not something I think about too much. I started off because my dad is a guitar player and songwriter, and probably i wanted to be like him… but for […]

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