Pleasure and the 3 E’s

Orange pleasure

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After fasting for 3 days I woke up and I was very excited to break my fast with breakfast. It’s been a long time that I was this excited. No food for 3 days, only tea. Why? For my body and mostly for my mind. Fasting is very healthy and insightful in many ways, and […]

The importance of creativity for the future


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“With the creative industries named as a priority sector in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, it seems policymakers might be waking up to the importance of creativity for the future.” – For many children, teachers, parents and educators at all levels of society we have a very interesting situation that we are preparing the next generation to work […]

Grammar of Creativity

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THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR CREATIVE VOICE!!! I have been involved in the creative process both in education and professionally for my whole life. In theatre, music, dance, film, leading workshops in different countries and even this year I won the the Ozdemir Nutku Theatre Award for music in Turkey. The primary goal of this workshop […]

Yat Kha Recording!!!

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After planning and fund-raising, and tours and many emails, finally I got Yat Kha into the studio! The tour bus was late, the band were sick, we had 4 hours booked at JM Records in Wroclaw (great studio, I recommend it), and in the end only Sholban Mongush had the power to come and record […]

Earth Warriors. Climate CALL OUT to ARTISTS!!!

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Activism and Art When a system becomes unbalanced it requires real time information so it can regain balance. If the system is unaware of being unbalanced it will eventually collapse. Like riding a bike, if you think you’re balanced but actually you’re not then you’re going to fall over. Our balance of our social, economic […]

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