photo: Magdalena Mądra

Songs are really my way to stay sane! I love playing and singing but it’s also therapy, my way of working on the deeper problems that invariably come up, say’s Samuel Alty singer-songwriter from New Zealand. It’s the alchemy of life. I think this is really the role of art in society. We transform all the stuff we are trying to avoid or get rid of, and make something beautiful. Alty has always had music in his life even through his particularly dynamic career which has led him to dance in the Royal Opera House, physical theatrical performances in the Arctic Circle and being a musical rabbit in a touring traditional circus.

‘Heart Song’ was the tipping point for me. When I released that everything started to change in my life, music video’s, gigs, and then it was actually magic that I could record and release my first album ‘Hammering Nails Into The Sky’. When asked what the magic was Alty said. I had two angels. One said to me, “Sam why don’t you at least have a go at putting your songs out there? If you don’t try you’ll never know” That was the question that lead me to recording ‘Heart Song’, and the second angel told me that I needed an album, and that he had a recording studio with excellent mikes and I could use it for free! Just unbelievable! I cried on the way home.

And those tears turned into ‘Hammering Nails Into the Sky’. Released in February 2017.

‘Hammering Nails Into The Sky’ is a carefully crafted tapestry of songs that offer an unusually rich mixture of musical styles ranging from folk, choral, pop, beatbox, finger style while using different musical traditions from around the world, to create songs for guitar, voice and double bass, played by Zbigniew Kozera. Music that aspires to celebrate and remember the wondrous miracle of being alive, in all it’s strange, surreal, challenging and beautiful ways.

Hammering Nails into the sky represents the true art of song-writing
– Wroclaw Uncut

fun, intriguing, intricate record that is almost certainly unlike what you’re listening to right now
– Independent Clauses